Are you truly broken and grieved over your sin? Or is it only the unpleasant consequences of your sins that grieve you? Those are not the same. 2 Cor 7:9-10 explains there are two types of sorrow and one leads to repentance without regret leading to salvation and the other is a sorrow of the world that leads to death. 


it’s annoying because skinny girls never ride for thick or fat girls EVER, never reblog pictures of them or mention shit bout body positivity and uplifting the spirits of thick and fat girls like I never see y’all advocating for curves and extra fat on the thighs or hips or anything but when Nicki goes “Fuck skinny bitches” y’all are suddenly activists for self-image and body positivity? get gone you fakes and liars. Fuck all y’all

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I have friends who pursue Christ, pursue friends and family. I have friends that never make an effort to reach out to me. I have friends that reassure, that yes, I am not needed. Not wanted. I have friends who pursue with guilt. I am alone on my own, hollow inside my bones. Yearning to feel pursued. Christ pursued me on the cross, friends pursued me into salvation. Friends abandoned me. Once you claim salvation, no longer will people pursue you. I have friends who delight in Him. I have friends who don’t care for my aches or pains.

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"When I was eight and got my hair cut short, I cried about it the whole way home. My mom looked me in the eyes and said, “It’ll grow back. It won’t stay short forever.” I wasn’t comforted until it did.
When you broke my heart, I cried about it until I couldn’t. I looked at myself in the mirror, puffy-eyed, with a permanent frown on my face, and I said to myself, “I will be happy again without him. The pain won’t last forever.” It’s been 7 months and the comforting lie I told myself that day doesn’t feel like a lie anymore. The happiness grew back within me.
Everything grows back, nothing is permanent, but it just takes time. It also takes time to accept that. Time is the foundation on which growth is able to be constructed."
time parallels 8/24/14 (via depresant)
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"He didn’t come to make bad people good, He came to make dead people alive."Louie Giglio (via peterdwebb)

Sometimes I forget that Louie is famous

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"God is always seeking you. Every sunset. Every clear blue sky. Each ocean wave. The starry hosts of night. He blankets each new day with the invitation, ‘I am here.’"Louie Giglio (via jesusislovej)
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"My sin in the past: forgiven. My current struggles: covered. My future failures: paid in full all by the marvelous, infinite, matchless grace found in the atoning work of the cross of Jesus Christ."Matt Chandler (via yeoreum-ah)
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Do you practice with a sense of fear of what will happen if you don’t, or a sense of wonderment of what could happen if you do?


- The 13th Chair

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Do I hold my breath and pray for rest? Do I step out and expect you to be there when I arrive? Do I scream into the night hoping that you should respond?

Do I continue on? Making my way to a new place, a place where my rest shall be real, and my company pleasant. Where my shouts shall be heard, and my heart shall be restored.

Shall I leave? Because I’ve been waiting, and it’s tearing me apart.

T.B. LaBerge // Unwritten Letters to You (via tblaberge)
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"But, first, remember, remember, remember the signs. Say them to yourself when you wake in the morning and when you lie down at night, and when you wake in the middle of the night. And whatever strange things may happen to you, let nothing turn your mind from following the signs. And secondly, I give you a warning. Here on the mountain I have spoken to you clearly: I will not often do so down in Narnia. Here on the mountain, the air is clear and your mind is clear; as you drop down into Narnia, the air will thicken. Take great care that it does not confuse your mind. And the signs which you have learned here will not look at all as you expect them to look, when you meet them there. That is why it is so important to know them by heart and pay no attention to appearances. Remember the signs and believe the signs. Nothing else matters."C.S Lewis,  The Chronicles of Narnia (via sarah-sea)

CS Lewis had a gift for transforming the Gospel into something very sneakily beautiful

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